analytics & data
driven insight

HypaMaps is designed so that every decision you make is strategically aligned with maximising return on investment

Reporting & analytics

HypaMaps provides you with the information and data to help refine your marketing strategy and optimise your operational costs so that you can focus on getting a positive return on investment.

Dynamic Footfall Heatmap

Obtain exceptional insights into customer movement habits by examining footfall patterns, enabling businesses to make strategic decisions that enhance their success.

  • Understand Customer Behaviour

    Determine peak hours, dwell times, and favored routes to refine your marketing strategies, optimise staff schedules, and design layouts that align perfectly with your customers' preferences.

  • Optimise Strategic Locations

    Identify areas with significant foot traffic potential and strategically position your business to enhance visibility and attract a consistent flow of customers.

  • Enhance Operations & Efficiency

    Recognise bottlenecks, overcrowded areas, or underutilised spaces to allocate resources efficiently, redesign layouts, and improve customer flow, boosting operational effectiveness and leading to increased customer satisfaction and optimised resource utilisation.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Assess the efficacy of marketing campaigns, measure the influence and effectiveness of promotional efforts with tangible evidence. This data-centric approach guarantees that each decision is grounded in data, driving your business toward success.

Link click engagement

Monitor how your customers are engaging with the links embedded within your interactive points of interest and effectively improve your marketing ROI.

In addition to the Dynamic Footfall Heatmap, HypaMaps can provide you with valuable insight into how your customers are engaging with each of the individual interactive points of interest.

Being able to pinpoint the source of sale, whether it’s a restaurant booking, a massage at the spa or an exercise class at the gym, allows you to attribute conversions directly to your HypaMap, and the Link Click Engagement report helps you identify true ROI.
  • Total Link Clicks

    View how many people in total have clicked on any links within any given timeframe

  • Unique Link Clicks

    If someone clicks on a specific link more than once, then they'll only be counted a one unique clicker.

interactive 3d maps by hypamaps. example of foxhills hypamap displayed on an iphone promoting sustainability by calling for no more paper maps and giving data driven insights via our heatmap reporting & analytics

interactive 3D Maps

At HypaMaps we’re not just another interactive 3D map platform. We’re a game-changer in the industry that’s revolutionising 3D maps for a digital age.

Our unique approach to interactive 3D mapping provides you with more efficient processes that streamline your operations and achieve your goals with ease.
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