support sustainability
and an eco future

Experience the transformative impact of HypaMaps and pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

no more printed maps !

With HypaMaps, you can focus on sustainability and witness a dramatic reduction in waste output. HypaMaps empowers you to optimise resource utilisation, and minimise environmental impact, resulting in a greener, more eco-friendly future for your business.

Rid your establishment of inefficiencies and embrace a more eco-friendly approach with HypaMaps by your side.

Reduce Paper Usage

By adopting a digital alternative to a traditional paper map, companies have reported up to a 95% reduction in their paper consumption, contributing to environmental conservation.

Save Money

See a massive reduction in people hours spent updating traditional paper maps and eliminate the need for constant reprinting, distribution and storage with a fully interactive 3D map.

interactive 3d maps by hypamaps. example of foxhills hypamap displayed on an iphone promoting sustainability by calling for no more paper maps and giving data driven insights via our heatmap reporting & analytics

interactive 3D Maps

At HypaMaps we’re not just another interactive 3D map platform. We’re a game-changer in the industry that’s revolutionising 3D maps for a digital age.

Our unique approach to interactive 3D mapping provides you with more efficient processes that streamline your operations and achieve your goals with ease.
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