Accurate Wayfinding
to ease navigation

Provide your visitors with indoor and outdoor route options so they can navigate your location with confidence.


Wayfinding encompasses more than just giving directions; it integrates positioning, pathways and destinations into a cohesive user experience.

HypaMap’s Wayfinding offers a clear and accurate 3D route that includes indoor and outdoor navigation, displaying the most suitable directions to each point of interest.

Designed specifically to enhance user experience, reduce anxiety, stress and confusion, and increase safety and efficiency in navigating a location, visitors can orient themselves and make sure they are on the right path to their desired destination.


the definitive wayfinding experience

Eliminate navigation frustration by providing visitors with the best routes from point‑to‑point. Intelligently present the shortest route by integrating both indoor and outdoor paths to empower your visitors to intuitively find their way, enhancing their overall experience.
  • GPS Enabled

    Provide accurate directions to any point of interest no matter where you are

  • Intelligent Routing

    Combine indoor & outdoor navigation to provide the best possible routes

  • Enhance User Experience

    Reduce visitor anxiety & stress by helping them navigate your location efficiently

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